“Eye-Opener” reports

Understand who are the consumers talking about your brand or your products.

Understand how they talk about your brand but also what their passions or concerns are.

Identify the communities they belong to and how you could target them in order to improve the performances of your campaigns.

We have provided leading brands with hundreds of reports and have helped marketing teams successfully identify new growth opportunities!

“Insight Tracker” interfaces

Get access to easy-to-use interfaces to understand millions of online data.

Understand the performances of your brand or products and compare them to your competitors.

Identify how to improve your performances thanks to aggregated indicators custom-tailored to your industry.

Our interfaces have helped national and international teams spend time on planning relevant campaigns rather than on collecting and analyzing data.

Activation Toolkits

Optimize the performances of your brand contents by understanding the drivers of conversations of a targeted audience.

Identify the most frequent questions on a specific topic.

Validate the legitimacy of your brand to produce brand content on these questions.

Identify the most relevant formats, angles, tonality and keywords to produce engaging contents.

Identify the most legitimate influencers for your brand.